Data Only Talent Marketplace

Photo by Lagos Techie on Unsplash

We’ve noticed something recently. When we are connecting with folks in the data community in San Diego, we are being asked the same questions… repeatedly. Over and over, a pattern of sorts has emerged:

Employers: “I am hiring but am having a hard time finding any qualified candidates.”

Employees/Recent Grads: “I am looking for a data job but there are so many non-data positions that I need to weed through to find what I am looking for.”

Hmmmm. As data people, we find this pattern of questioning interesting. Seeking out patterns, after all, is what we are all about. We are also all about helping the data community grow and prosper — to flourish into a leading economic sector in San Diego. So, we had some brainstorming sessions to see if we could help, and came up with a plan.

We’d like to offer a Talent Marketplace exclusively focused on data:

A place to go to if you are hiring a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, data architect, AI developer, AI/Machine Learning engineer… you get the point.

A place to go if you are seeking a job as a data scientist, data engineer, data analyst, data architect, AI developer, AI/Machine Learning engineer… you see what we did there?

We are hoping this will facilitate more direct connections with a speedier runway to successful hiring of qualified talent. A sort of greasing the wheels, if you will.

We are taking this effort one step further to encourage data folks to nerd out on data, which we love to do. So, we are also offering a Project Marketplace, where you can share your work with others in the community. Take this as an opportunity to show off, to seek advice or guidance, or to find others who may be interested in what you are doing and want to help. Savvy data folks earlier in their career could use this as a platform to get a job, perhaps lacking work experience but abundant with interesting school or side projects.

The Workspace is free and we hope it will foster some great connections. You may be familiar with it but we have deployed ours with a focus on data jobs and data projects. No need to weed out the unrelated positions or pay to post your dreamy data job. Use our Workspace as the platform for direct access to San Diego’s data world. We will see you there!

Building a responsible data science community.